We lovingly dedicate this site to the memory of Dr. Alvin J. Reines, Professor of Philosophy (1958-2004), Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio. He conceived the concept of Polydoxy and spent his life describing and demonstrating how a liberal religious community, which embraces the freedom of each individual, could be implemented. The body of his efforts can be found in the Work of Alvin Reines. In addition to this contemporary work on Polydoxy, Dr. Reines was a medieval scholar and is considered to be the person who broke the ancient code of Maimonides.


Polydoxy is a liberal religious ideology that affirms the ultimate right of the individual to religious self-authority or autonomy. This website provides a repository of Polydox materials for laypersons as well as religious scholars and institutions. Dr. Reines’ groundbreaking concepts about the word religion, ultimate meaningful existence, god, Jewish survival, religious education, and many other original insights are all included here. In addition to these materials, we also offer Dr. Reines’ innovative and significant approaches to many of the Jewish holidays. His eloquent and meaningful Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Chanukah Services as well as his enduring Passover Seder are all here. A joyous baby naming ceremony, a new concept for Bar (Bat) Mitzvah, a lovely wedding ceremony, and a poignant funeral service are included as well.


In 1972 a group of Dr. Reines’s students formed an organization by which they could share ideas and services among each other for what was then a radical concept. This group developed into the Institute of Creative Judaism. Others became interested and a bulletin, "Polydoxy" was published as well as a newsletter, "The Communicator". By the l990s, it was clear that the description of liberal religion as a Polydoxy applied to all liberal religionists. Although Jewish in origin, the name of the organization was changed to the Polydox Institute to include liberal religionists emerging from the other great traditions. At a future date, a full section of this site will be devoted to the work of other Polydoxians.